Five poems by Jschnee18

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Man vs Beast
There up in the sky,
The bold Eagle flew.
Until a Hunter came
And shot him in the head.
Snow in the Sun
There goes the snowman
All bright, happy, and laughing.
Wow! Look at that hot sun.
About to melt him away,
Getting smaller with each step he takes.
Nothing Better than a PB&J
Look at that sandwich, looking oh so good.
Peanut Butter and Jelly squished between
Two pieces of bread.
Wry bread, Wheat bread, White bread,
Cheese bread, Grape jelly, Plum jelly,
Strawberry jelly, and Peach jelly.
Smooth or Crunchy peanut butter
It don’t matter what type of bread,
Jelly, or peanut butter.
It’s all good.
It’s a PB&J.
Where the Heck are You
I miss
I miss her light.
Her light that fills my day,
That light that quenches my hunger.
I miss.
Longing to Go
So many places to go,
So many places to see,
So many places to visit,
I wish I could visit them all.
Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower, Parliament, Red Square.
The Great Wall of China or just the Meadows of Ireland,
The dry Desert of the Sahara, or the Rainforests of Brazil.
The snow capped Mountains of Switzerland,
The great blue Ocean filled with life, excitement, darkness, and death.
Eating foods of all kind, seeing the faces of all mankind.
So many places to visit,
I wish I could visit them all.

Species of Life and other poems

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By penpadsandpals


Ode To Wednesday

Oh Wednesday
How you frustrate me
You make me want to
Punch both of us
Right in the face.
Oh Wednesday,
I am so angry at you
I want to throw in the towel
And go home
I am so mad
And it is only 8:02
In the morning.
Species of Life

Species of life.
Blooming green inside your room.
Vitamin D seeping through epidermis and dermis
Creates endorphins
You feel happy.
Fall in love.
Oxytocin gets you drunker than vodka
Dopamine gets your insides fuzzier than champagne
Serotonin works better than Xanax.
Animals inside your home
You love them
Furry things taking up space and money and time
Yet they are a part of the family.
For a species of life
We are obsessed with death.
One Year

Summer winds and spring touched skin
JV soccer games I didn’t care much to win.
Prom was magical, homecoming too
I have so many memories with you.
Lake water green, talks beside a drain
Sitting on my porch and watching the rain.
You’ve seen me act, I’ve seen you draw
We’ve cried until our throats were raw
Maybe that’s good, maybe that’s bad
But I know you’re the best that  I’ve ever had.
Ice skating was fun, even though we fell
And Burger King that day was less than swell.
Remember on the dock, under the stars?
We roasted marshmallows and talked about Mars.
And we went to the plaza, all dressed to the nines
You could tell I was yours, and you were mine.
I love you, I love you, my darling and my dear
I love you far, and I love you near.

To the Theater Performance Class of 2016-2017:

Oh classmates
You are getting on my nerves
You joined this class for a reason
Why are you like this 🙂
The play is in a week
Oh please
Memorize your lines.

January 19th

He was nineteen and she twenty
And although they fell in love
He did not speak much
And she preferred that they both
Keep their hands to themselves.
The wedding was plain
And she did not wear white
In the downtown courtroom
He insisted they marry in.
She enlisted in 98’
And joined the Marine corps
He stayed home and tended the plants
And learned to wait.
When she got home
He thought perhaps his wife had too many muscles
For his liking.
They were married forever, until they both died
And although they were happy
I don’t think they ever really knew each other.

YOLO Mrs. Stam

YOLO, Mrs. Stam
You must understand
You only live once
You must take every opportunity
As it arises
Which is why
I am using YOLO
In this poem.
Hot diggity dawg.

The Beginning of the End and other poems

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By jessplusjess

“The Sickness”
You hear the stories
They’re always sad or hopeful
But to me they always seemed
A world away
Never to affect me
I’d feel sad for those in the stories
Like we’d been taught to feel
Yet I’d carry on with my own life
With my problems to handle
I never expected that one day
I’d become one of those people
In those stories

The hospital was dim
It had no color
It had no life
Only sickness and death
Its walls were a constant reminder
Of the despair of sickness
And from what the doctor had said
I’d become apart of it
I was sick
Very, very sick
In the stories, they always tell
How one simple word changes everything
I used to wonder how that could happen
But now I understand
As I lie here, drowning in thoughts
All because of one word

“The Beginning of the End”
What is life
When everything you know
Everything you’ve been taught
Everything you’ve ever wished for
It’s all stripped away
And turned into hospital walls
And medications
Dose after dose
Plan after plan
No matter what it is
It won’t work
It can’t work
Because my body is working
Against myself
Tearing it apart
Until all that remains
Is the dust and the pain
And I don’t know how to live
When knowing that sometime soon
I’ll be gone
Because my life is now a clock
And my body is counting down the days
Until it has eaten itself up
And faded away
There’s nothing the doctors can do
Nothing they can try
I am incurable
Plagued with a disease
That is slowly
Eating me up inside
“Death of a Heart”
The death of a heart
Is not so grand
There’s no memorial service
At hand
No way to keep it remembered
No footprints in the sand

It starts when the eyes
Fall with the stars
When a touch proves
You’ve gone too far
The faker’s smile cannot bear
The pain of your heart run over by a car

Then it goes to your chest
The location of your treasure
It rips out your heart
And throws it through bad weather
You’re stuck in an ocean of thoughts
That spiral on forever

No one can see it break
No one can feel it but you
Your world is turned black
Highlighted with gray hues
And that is how a heart breaks
And how your world fell through

It is never a grand scene
But rather the quietest screams

“I Should Have Learned Some Japanese Before Visiting Japan”
At first it seemed like a good idea
How bad could Japan be?
But now I’m lost in the city
And I don’t speak Japanese

I’m awkwardly walking along
Getting more lost in the city
I regret letting myself get talked into this
(Though I’ll admit the country is pretty)

Have I been on this street already?
I’m getting some suspicious glares
I inwardly scream for someone to help
Hoping someone will answer my prayers

“Excuse me sir,” an angelic voice said
Oh beautiful English! It sounds so sweet
“Are you a little lost” They asked
“For this is the third time you’ve been on this street

My dignity was absolutely destroyed by now
So not even that sentence could phase me
“I am indeed,” I replied eagerly
“Could you tell me where I might be?”

It turns out I had managed to walk
To the opposite side of this metropolis
I thanked my savior for giving me directions
And mentally kicked myself knowing I’d never forget this

A couple months later I’m enrolling for school
I’m asked what language I wanted to speak
I didn’t hesitate when picking Japanese
Remembering when I stayed in Japan for a week

Hold Your Breath

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By notactuallymad


Her toes danced upon the sandy bank

Sun streaked hair and raindrop lips

She slides into the liquid glass

Inhales the salty air

And holds the breath in her lungs

Time is paused as she descends


She cannot hear, but she can feel

She cannot speak, but she can dream

She is a weightless cloud


There is no weight on her shoulders


And for a moment, a split second

The world does not exist

She opens her eyes

The sun beams swirl in mirrored shapes


Her mother once told her

Swimming is like flying


You cannot breathe.


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By notactuallymad


I come in the dead of night

I come in the heat of day

Sometimes I knock, sometimes I don’t

Not usually welcomed either way


Many fear me, some do not

I cannot give, but only take

Yet all will meet me, there’s no doubt

There is no way to escape


I’m as quick as a leopard, slow as a snail

I’m not the beginning, only the end

I’m an impact, a bullet, an illness, a thought

To some I’m the enemy, to others, a friend


Someday you will meet me

When I catch your breath

“Hello,” I will whisper

“My name is death.”

Did You Have to Drink Last Night?

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By notactuallymad


Did you have to drink last night?

It really isn’t fair

Without clear mind and steady hand

I guess you didn’t see me there


As I walked the sparkling street

Your metal monster sped

A fatal blow; a woman’s shriek

I fell. I ached. I bled.


Do not fret, it happened fast

I chose my thoughts with care

Because I knew I’d breathe my last

So here they are, feel free to share


I’ll never wear a cap and gown

Or love’s dress of white

No longer feel soft rain fall down

Or see the shining stars of night


My father will not hold my hand

Nor my mother kiss my head

Our last embrace, they’ll find unplanned

That I am cold and dead


So are you happy now my friend?

I hope your drinks were good

Your choices caused another’s end

At least she had her childhood


The earth grew cold, my eyes grew dim

But you walk on, your future bright

Yet I still ask you, hear my hymn

Did you have to drink last night?

Faded Memories

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Maybe it was you I loved
Or perhaps I can’t remember
The times I spent with my beloved
Are faded memories that are lost forever

I’m filled with confusion and don’t know where to go
Who is the lady who visits once a week
Maybe she was one I use to know
I fail to recognize your face

Although it was the only one I use to know
Be patient with me, my dear
For my memory is quite slow
Stand by me like you use to

Never let me go
For I am lost in a memory that I do not know
I have lost who I am, for my memory will not grow
Forgive me for my confusion and anger

I feel like I’m trapped in my own mind
Lost without my heart, sweet and kind
Stand by me forever and hold my hand
For I miss the times I didn’t misunderstand